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Our Portfolio

Beach Bay Group – Your Trusted Partner for Comprehensive Construction Solutions


Welcome to our portfolio, a collection that showcases our dedication to excellence, innovation, and quality. In this collection, you'll find a diverse body of work that spans a wide spectrum of construction and landscaping projects.

Residential Excellence:

Our residential projects epitomise modern living. From tailored homes embracing cutting-edge design to rejuvenating renovations, we've left our mark on numerous residences. We also specialise in crafting serene landscapes that complement these homes, transforming outdoor spaces into tranquil retreats.


Commercial Achievements:


Beyond residential work, we've made significant contributions to the commercial sector. Our portfolio includes ground-up constructions and meticulous renovations, playing a vital role in supporting local businesses. We've taken on projects spanning retail spaces, office complexes, and more.

Education Dedication:

We've had the privilege of enhancing learning environments by constructing state-of-the-art educational facilities. 

Landscape Mastery: 

Our landscape projects demonstrate our expertise in this field. We have transformed outdoor spaces to enhance both their aesthetics and functionality.

Explore Our Portfolio: 

Our projects are more than structures; they reflect our values, skills, and dedication. Each project showcases our collaborative, innovative, and detail-oriented approach. Dive into our portfolio to see the variety of projects that have built our strong reputation.

Discover Our Capabilities:

Beach Bay Group's work speaks to our capabilities. We encourage you to explore our diverse range of projects in the portfolio to understand how we've brought various visions to life, one project at a time.

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