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A Decade of Success: Charlie Huxtable's Entrepreneurial Journey with Beach Bay Group

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Our Founder: Charlie Huxtable

I'm proud to introduce you to the driving force behind Beach Bay Group, our Founder, Charlie Huxtable. He's not just a leader; he's a visionary who has been instrumental in shaping the success story of Beach Bay Group.

Charlie, a local of North Canterbury, has been on this remarkable journey for over a decade. He's a former student of Rangiora High School and calls Waikuku Beach home. What's truly inspiring is his evolution from a young landscaper to a thriving entrepreneur. Starting out as a one-man landscaping show, he specialised in various outdoor projects like concrete work, driveways, swimming pools, and patios. Charlie's dedication to quality and his strong work ethic quickly earned him a reputation that set the stage for Beach Bay Group's future achievements.

Today, Beach Bay Group has grown into a prominent construction company, boasting a team of around 25 dedicated professionals. While hard landscaping remains our forte, the company has expanded its horizons under Charlie's guidance. Beach Bay Group now offers comprehensive residential foundations, and excavation services, and has an adept team of builders.

One of Charlie's standout accomplishments is the creation of Evolution Homes, a home-building brand that stands out in the industry. What makes Evolution Homes unique is its integration with a construction company that has in-house expertise. This seamless collaboration streamlines processes and ensures top-notch quality for every project.

Charlie's commitment to our local community is unwavering, and many of our team members proudly call North Canterbury home. Our office, located on Main North Road in Woodend, is a testament to our strong ties to the region.

Charlie is always at the forefront of innovation. He was among the first to embrace digital construction project management software, specifically Buildertrend. This has not only enhanced our operational efficiency but has also provided our clients with a superior experience. Thanks to Buildertrend, our clients can access real-time visual updates on their home builds or projects.

In his downtime, Charlie is a keen fisherman and diver. He loves exploring New Zealand's stunning spots and meeting the locals. One standout fishing trip took him to The Chatham Islands (Rēkohu, Wharekauri). On a personal note, Charlie is now enjoying the joys of parenthood as a new Dad to his daughter, Matilda.

Looking ahead, Charlie's entrepreneurial spirit remains strong. He envisions expanding our excavation business to cater to commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. The addition of plumbing and draining services is also on the horizon, ensuring that Beach Bay Group remains a comprehensive solution provider for our clients.

Charlie Huxtable's journey with Beach Bay Group is a remarkable testament to local talent and entrepreneurship that continues to uplift North Canterbury. As we reflect on his decade-long journey, one cannot help but be inspired by his vision, hard work, and unwavering commitment to quality.

Written by a Proud Member of the Beach Bay Group Team.

Charlie very happy with his catch of fish and crayfish in Kaikōura
A successful day out diving in Kaikōura.

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